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Transparent Pricing

High Quality Care at Affordable Prices

Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable quality medical care can be.

Davis Orthopedics is able to provide high-quality medical care at reasonable rates, because they do not get bogged down or distracted by all the administrative complexities imposed by complex government and insurance company requirements and regulations. By keeping things simple, Dr. Davis and his staff are able to focus on treating patients and delivering what their patients need to get better.

Dr. Davis does participate with Blue Cross and Blue Shield  and we see patients every day with any other insurance as an out-of-network provider.  We no longer accept Worker’s Compensation insurance plans.   Dr. Davis has opted out as a Medicare provider.  That also means that Medicare products like Blue Advantage and C+ will not cover services provided by Dr. Davis. 

Dr. Davis has established clear, easy-to-understand pricing so patients will know what different treatments cost. With this information, his patients are better able to make informed decisions about the care they receive. These prices are available to anyone who wishes to pay directly for their medical care. 

Cash prices require payment at the time of service.   If you would like to file an insurance claim, these prices may not apply to you.


A personalized evaluation by Dr. Davis will help you understand what is causing your symptoms, what treatments can provide relief, and what to expect during the recovery process. 

A new patient evaluation is $150.  

Follow up visits are $95.


X-rays are an important part of an initial evaluation and are helpful to monitor the recovery process in some cases.  

X-rays performed in our office are $50 per body part.

X-rays brought in from an outside facility will be reviewed by Dr. Davis during your office visit at no charge. 


Many orthopedic problems can benefit from a simple cortisone injection.  Often a single injection is effective but periodic, repeat injections can be necessary for certain conditions.

Cortisone injections are $50.

Braces & Splints

Braces and splints provide protection while allowing improved function and decreased pain during recovery.  Brace costs vary but are deeply discounted from standard billed rates for cash patients. 

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Some problems require more than simple x-rays to identify.  While we do not perform MRIs or CT scans in our office, we have identified local facilities that are more affordable for cash patients without compromising on quality.  

Tests can often be performed same-day for cash patients, avoiding the delays of insurance authorization or approval.

Outpatient Surgery

If surgery becomes necessary, rest assured you are in good hands with Dr. Davis.  Not only is he a leading expert in orthopedic surgery, his fees rank among the most affordable in the country.  Patients have traveled from all parts of the country to have Dr. Davis perform their surgery and help them recover. 


Out of Network Care

Many of our patients have health insurance, just not a plan that we contract with.  If you don't feel like you are getting the care you need from your network providers, we are here to offer an unbiased opinion and treatment plan.  Contact our office for more details.

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