Affordable, Quality Care

Not having insurance should not mean you pay more for your medical care.  And it should not mean lower quality care either.  

Shoulder Surgery

Diagnostic Shoulder Arthroscopy - $6000

Removal of Bone Spurs/Inflammation - $6000

Clavicle Fracture Repair - $6500

Distal Clavicle Resection - $6000

Rotator Cuff Repair - $8000

Labral Repair - $7000



Elbow Surgery

Olecranon Bursa Excision - $2500

Tennis Elbow Release/Repair - $3000

Cubital Tunnel Release - $4000

Elbow Arthroscopy - $6000

Biceps Tendon Repair - $6000

Triceps Tendon Repair - $6000



Hand/Wrist Surgery

Trigger Finger Release - $2500

Ganglion Cyst - $2500

Carpal Tunnel - $3000

Wrist Arthroscopy - $4500

Wrist Fracture Repair - $6000

Knee Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy (torn meniscus, torn cartilage, inflammation) - $4000

Meniscus Repair - $6000

ACL reconstruction (hamstring) - $7000

ACL reconstruction (allograft) - $9000

Mosaicplasty - $5500

Patella Fracture Repair - $6000

Foot/Ankle Surgery

Morton's Neuroma - $3000

Plantar Fasciitis - $3500

Ankle Arthroscopy - $3500

Metatarsal Fracture - $4500

Bunion Correction - $4500

Ankle Fracture Repair - $5000

Ankle Ligament Repair - $5000

Achilles Tendon Repair - $5500




Don't Gamble with your Health

Our all-in-one package pricing above includes all the fees we anticipate related to your surgery.   This includes the surgeon's fee (Dr. Davis), the facility fee, and the anesthesia fees.  You won't receive additional bills.

The only fees not included in these packages are any braces you may need or physical therapy during your recovery.

Out of Network Care

Many of our patients have health insurance, just not a plan that we contract with.  If you don't feel like you are getting the care you need from your network providers, we are here to offer an unbiased opinion and treatment plan.  The prices listed above are more than you would expect to pay, since your insurance may pay some of these costs.  Contact our office for more details.

Get the Help You Need

Don't continue to suffer with a problem that is fixable. Quality medical care is more affordable than you might expect.


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