Personalized Care

Because you are more than a number to us.

From your initial evaluation through successful completion of your recovery, we are here to guide you along the way.  At Davis Orthopedics we provide total orthopedic care - from office evaluation, in-office xrays, in-office bracing, to surgical reconstruction and recovery management.


From the moment you step into our office, you will recognize that this office is different.  Warm colors, natural light, friendly staff, personalized care.  

Digital X-rays

Our in-office digital x-ray system allows rapid diagnosis without being shuffled to different departments.  Dr. Davis can review your images with you in the exam room during your visit so you fully understand your condition.

Waterproof Casts

Our Exos brace system is completely waterproof, so you (or your child) won't have to suffer with a fiberglass cast.  We understand that life doesn't stop just because you are injured. 

Reconstructive Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Davis has a special interest in arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction.  From rotator cuff tears, labral tears, to frozen shoulder, Dr. Davis utilizes cutting-edge surgical techniques along with advanced rehab protocols to give patients the best recovery possible.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery has significant benefits for patient recovery - less pain, less stiffness, and accelerated recovery.  Dr. Davis has advanced training in arthroscopic knee surgery and handles simple to complex problems with excellent outcomes.

Sports Medicine (even for non-athletes)

The field of Sports Medicine has helped us push the limits of both surgical techniques and rehabilitation after injury or surgery.  Bringing this expertise to everyday athletes allows us to help patients get back their game, no matter what that is.

Fracture Care

Injuries happen but they don't have to be the end of everything you do.  Our focus is getting you the best outcome with the best recovery.  From waterproof casts to minimally invasive surgical techniques, we want what is best for YOU.

Transparent Pricing

Health insurance doesn't always pay for the medical care you need.  Whether you are without insurance by choice, or by circumstance, we want to help you make informed decisions about the care you receive.  And part of that is talking about the cost. 

Get Back to Living

Don't suffer any longer. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation so you can get the help you need to get better. You have life to live.


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