Rotator Cuff 

One of the most common problems we treat is a rotator cuff injury.  If non-surgical treatment does not eliminate the pain, Dr. Davis can use advanced surgical techniques to provide excellent outcomes and accelerated recovery. 


Tendinitis / Bursitis

Not all shoulder pain is from a rotator cuff tear.  Dr. Davis provides effective non-surgical relief for problems like tendinitis and bursitis in the shoulder. 


AC Joint Injury

An injury to the AC joint can cause the collar bone to protrude upwards on the top of the shoulder.  Mild injuries may just require a sling but more severe injuries need to be repaired to restore full function of the shoulder. 



Injuries and normal wear and tear over the years can lead to thinning of the cartilage in the shoulder.  Pain, stiffness, and difficulty lying on the side could be signs of arthritis in the shoulder.  

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