Tennis Elbow 

(Tendinitis of the Outer Elbow) 

 Several muscles run from the outer part of the elbow, down the forearm, across the wrist, and into the hand.  The anchor point of these muscles is a bony ridge on the outer part of the elbow, the lateral epicondyle.  

Inflammation or injury to the tendon that attaches here can cause pain and weakness when trying to lift even light objects.  

Sometimes this can start after a mild injury.  It could be from lifting weights in the gym, playing tennis or golf, or bumping the elbow on a doorframe or piece of furniture.  

At rest there is often no pain at all and it looks normal.  No swelling, no bruising and normal motion in the elbow.  But as soon as you try to lift something, even a coffee cup, the pain is sharp and sudden.

Sometimes this problem will burn itself out after a few weeks but it can last months as well. 

There are some simple strategies that we use in treating tennis elbow.  Get help so you can get better.  Life is waiting for you.